the photographer

paedii Luchs

Born in Switzerland, surrounded by the sheer vastness and natural beauty of the Bernese Alps, arguably one of the most scenic mountain ranges on our planet, he was exposed to nature from a very young age. So it only came natural that he developed an interest for outdoor activities such as skiing as soon as he could walk.
Years later, skiing was what actually made him discover the art of photography. His interest started with filming and photographing himself and his friends skiing. That interest grew into a profound love for both crafts.
Specializing in long exposure photography over time, he is creating surreal outdoor images focused on capturing slow processes and smooth motions.
His reason for creating long exposure photographs is rather simple, but nonetheless beautiful and quite philosophic. As he puts it: "Our busy surroundings push us towards losing our awareness of everything happening around us. Long exposed pictures seem to slow down time and counteract our over stressed lifestyle." Therefore the many trips he does to the mountains are not only in the interest of photography, but more for his physical and also mental health. I receive a meditative impact by spending time in the mountains he says.