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License my modern and surreal styled photographs or connect with me for special wishes.

Most of my photos can be licensed. The circumstances how they were created and the terms of use differ from one image to another. For a personal quote contact me and let me know the photo URL.

For a bigger overview of my photos you may browse my archive too.


Additionally to my photography services I offer my skills in video production.
I’ll edit your footage






work for clients | editing only

post production training

obviously, I'm fond of editing my photos to achieve my distinctive look and style in my photographs.
Let me help you out with the basics or also more advanced techniques on your way to developing your own style.

  • basic Lightroom and photoshop techniques

  • raw processing

  • panorama stitching

  • HDR

  • color correction and enhancement

  • sharpening, noise reduction

  • removing distracting objects

  • natural light enhancement

  • distortion correction

  • advanced exposure blending methods

  • skype or local training