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Thanks for checking out my website!

I'm Paedii, and I'm an outdoor photographer based in the Swiss Alps. Traveling and spending time outdoors has constantly improved my life. So I made this shop to share my passion with you and maybe inspire you to explore the world too.

Just so you know, I'm doing everything on my own, so sorry if there are any typos or design mishaps. If you catch anything, let me know, and I'll send you a little photo present as a thank you 🎁.

By the way, I'm still adding more stuff to the shop, so if you don't see what you're looking for, hit me up through email at hi@plpictures.com or the contact form 🤟😁.

Thanks for supporting my work!

Take care,

My New travel film from Patagonia is online 🏔️

Get inspired by the beauty of the landscapes of Patagonia. These are some highlights of our adventures in Patagonia. One of my favorite places that I have ever visited. It's so wild: the weather, the animals, the mountains, the forests.



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Wall Calendar 2024

Some impressions from my adventures in Latin America in a new and more practical design.
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