Griesssee Photo Trip (FREED)

Griesssee Photo Trip (FREED)

I have had this location on my radar for a few years because the Milky Way moves directly above the mountains and the lake.
Finally, I grabbed my sleeping bag, two cameras, two tripods and drove to Nufenenpass. I planned the hike on a map, and it looked like a short hike from one of the parking lots near the pass. But as I got there, the trail was closed due to rock falls. So, the new suggested route started way down in the valley—five hundred meters of altitude and 2 hours of hiking more. Happily, I always give myself a lot of time for these adventures, and I arrived at the lake around golden hour.
I spent half an hour finding the perfect spot to set up my cameras, one for a timelapse (you can find all my timelapse films on YouTube) and one for a photo.

Spending the night in a sleeping bag, watching the sky, is just pure freedom and one of my favorite things. When I end up with a photo like this, it will forever remind me of these precious moments, and I hope it inspires you to spend more time exploring the magnificent outdoors.

The final image

I used a 20mm lens and shot a double exposure (like an HDR), where I captured the foreground at blue hour. I posed with my little lantern and shot it at ISO 640, F1.8, and 2". Then I blended in the night sky, which I shot at ISO 2000, F1.8, and 15".

For the photo I chose the name "FREED" because moments like this just mean pure freedom for me.


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Griesssee Photo Trip (FREED)
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