Grosse Scheidegg Photo Trip

Grosse Scheidegg Photo Trip

I have visited this location for several years, but never for the Milky Way. Finally, this year, I decided to give it a try. So, a friend and I took the short hike to Grosse Scheidegg and explored the area while waiting for sunset. Usually, there is a lake at this place, where the Eiger mountain reflects. But the summer might have been too dry, and we found ourselves in a dirty swamp. These were not the best conditions for a reflection 😉.

We explored some more and took pictures with lovely pine trees in the foreground. To add some spice to the image, we took turns pointing our flashlights at the sky, creating some sense of adventure in the scene. I ended up with two photographs I like - a pretty successful night!

The final image

Sony A7mk3 & Sony 20mm F1.8

Double Exposure
Night Sky: ISO 640, 15", F1.8
Blue Hour Foreground: ISO 100, 8", F1.8



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